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Old versions of CCleaner

CCleaner is a useful application that is developed to improve your system’s work. The program has been popular since 2003 and has numerous versions and releases for different operating systems and devices. CCleaner has gained new features, options and settings to meet all your requirements. The app’s basic functions include cleaning of unnecessary and broken files, elevating your browser security and expanding free space on your hard drive. You can download old ССleaner versions and make sure all the app’s products are still of premium quality.

All application’s releases are easy to install and use, as well as its interface will be extremely convenient even for newbies. Both download and installation processes need just a couple of moments to be finished successfully. Moreover, you will not have to search for any additional software or components for CCleaner, as far as it already contains all the needed modules. No special knowledge or programming skills required – the tool is available for both beginners and professionals.

ССleaner early versions can be extremely useful in these cases:

  1. Your device has low productivity and is not able to support a full package of app’s functions
  2. The newest program’s version has lost some highly important functions or settings
  3. You would like to use old versions due to your personal preferences in either design or features

All CCleaner editions enable its users to perform these actions:

  • Delete unnecessary files, folders, entries and fonts with no harm to your system
  • Clear registry from old records
  • Check up your browser and clear its cookies, download history and other data
  • Speedup you system and all its processes
  • Expand free space on your machine

Old versions of CCleaner are highly needed for users with different operating systems, requirements and devices, since it can easily make any machine more stable.

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