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CCleaner for Windows 10
CCleaner for Windows 10 is a must-have tool for every newbie and experienced PC user. The application has been extremely popular for many years, since it offers software of the top quality with
CCleaner for Windows 8.1
CCleaner for Windows 8.1 is an operating system optimization and cleaning program. The application has been extremely popular since its first launch in 2003. Currently, the tool was downloaded more
CCleaner for Windows 7
CCleaner for Windows 7 is one of the most popular versions of the world-known CCleaner. The application has been already reached about 2 billion downloads since its first launch in 2003. The program
CCleaner for Windows Vista
CCleaner for Windows Vista is a number one application between CCleaner versions for Windows. The program was adapted to your operating system and contains all the needed functions to elevate the
CCleaner for Windows XP
CCleaner for Windows XP is a specially designed version of the world-famous CCleaner that allows deleting all unused files, clean your registry, improve your security and get more free space on your
CCleaner for Mac OS
CCleaner for Mac OS is a convenient tool for cleaning Mac OS – based systems, browsers and third-party applications from temporary and unnecessary files. The utility supports the stable system’s

CCleaner for PC

CCleaner for PC is premium software that can easily improve the stability of work of your PC. It is an effective and absolutely simple optimization and cleaning solution, designed to suit PC and laptops with different parameters. The application is designed to delete all unnecessary and broken files form your computer, protect your data and expand valuable free space on your machine. The app does not include any chargeable functionality – all its main functions and settings are available without any payments. Download CCleaner for PC for free to start using all the program’s options right now!

The app is surprisingly fast, as well as its download and installation requires no more than a couple of minutes. You will not need to fix anything or search for any additional software – the application already contains everything for correct and effective work. CCleaner is ready to help both beginners and professionals, since it has a user-friendly design and a detailed reference for your convenience.

CCleaner for PC has plenty of exceptional advantages:

  1. Deletes all junk from your computer
    Every PC collects some data and stores useless files from plenty of different programs. Professionals recommend cleaning your PC regularly to avoid any crashes or slowly-working system. The app does all this work for you automatically – just have a cup of coffee and enjoy working with a speedy and optimized system.
  2. Protects your privacy
    Numerous advertisers and bots collect some information you’ve entered while working in the Internet. They usually use cookie files of your browser for these purposes. However, CCleaner can delete all the cookies and other traces of working in the web in just a couple of seconds!
  3. More free space on your machine
    The program is able to delete all unnecessary files, folders, fonts and other useless data from your PC, as well as clean your registry. Therefore, you can have more free space on your hard drive for other needed apps, files and programs.

You can start using free CCleaner for PC right now and get a perfectly working computer in just a few clicks!

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