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CCleaner for Windows XP

CCleaner for Windows XP
CCleaner for Windows XP

CCleaner for Windows XP is a specially designed version of the world-famous CCleaner that allows deleting all unused files, clean your registry, improve your security and get more free space on your Windows XP system. The program works amazingly fast and is very simple in comparison to its analogues. Download free CCleaner for Windows XP and use a super-handy tool for your PC or laptop.

CCleaner is designed to delete unnecessary data, folders, fonts and icons from your system. However, it has a strong protection system to avoid removing any system or important data. The tool is absolutely easy to use, since all its functions and additional parameters are available in a few clicks. You can easily download and install the app in a couple of minutes. It does not require any additional information or activation codes to begin working.

CCleaner for Windows XP

CCleaner for Windows XP has plenty of advantages and unique settings:

  • Both operating system and all its processes begin to work several times faster
  • Protects your privacy: can easily find spying programs and delete them
  • Cleans all the junk from your PC or laptop in matter of minutes
  • Complete cleaning of junk
  • Allows performing the analysis of your hardware
  • Offers a special function for files recovery
CCleaner for Windows XP

Since almost all known programs still leave some tracks and signs of their activity, you need to clean your system from different kinds of junk on the regular basis. You can use a cleaning app either once per day or once per month depending on your workload. Anyway, CCleaner will perform all the cleaning and optimizing work for you. The program is developed to deal with all famous browsers, Windows-based utilities and other numerous tools you are using from time to time.

You can start using CCleaner for free for Windows XP right now and make sure it will improve your laptop or PC performance.

CCleaner for Windows XP
Software Full Name:
CCleaner for Windows XP
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32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64)
Free Trial
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Download CCleaner from the official site
*CCleaner for Windows XP is available for free downloading without registration.

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